When it comes to Christmas, wishlists used to be so simple.

As kids we'd climb onto the local shopping-centre-Santa's lap and rattle off a long list while ticking off a handful of fingers representing all of our must-have toys; Barbie, Barbie Car, Barbie Dream all.

However, as we get older this tradition gets a little harder. We no longer have the Big Fella in Red to divulge our secret yearnings to, and the price tag of each item also seems to grow along with our age.

So, instead of must-haves, we'll call them lust-haves; the items we'd ask for if Santa's budget was priceless - you know, if he was sitting on a gold throne with a diamond grill in his mouth.
Because when it comes to WISHlists, it's all about the dream, right?

I've also included a few fashionably affordable (read: more likely to appear under the tree) items!

Clock-wise from left:

1. Prada Candy Florale, EDT - PRADA
2. YSL Monogramme Mock-Croc Bag, SAINT LAURENT
3. Sacré-Coeur Silver Vase, LOVESTAR
4. Puss 'N' Boots Sunglasses in Smoke + Silver, PARED
5. Illustrated 'Merry Christmas' Cards, BIRDY & ME
6. Printed iPhone 6 Cover, LANVIN
7. Rockstud Heels, VALENTINO
8. 34 Blvd Candle Holder, DIPTYQUE
9. Classic Sheffield Watch, DANIEL WELLINGTON*
10. 'How to be Parisian' Book, RANDOM HOUSE

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