One thing I have always loved looking at when I'm walking around are people's front doors, and nowhere is a pretty door more prevalent than in Europe where countries like Italy, France and Britain abound in beautifully ornate architecture.
Huge oak doors - in a variety of shapes, sizes and molds - stand before hidden gardens and courtyards; some delicately covered in blooming wisteria, others standing boldly in lacquered sorbet colours.
I'm forever taking photos of them and have none-so-subtly begged my husband to let us paint our front door pink. He's semi-agreed to "raspberry" but, hey, it's pretty much pink. I'll take it.

While I patiently wait for said raspberry door to arrive, I decided to draw my idea of the perfect pink door and bring it to my print shop. And here she is! A culmination of all of my favourite elements from the doors I've shot on my travels.
I can only imagine the beauty that lays behind it...a spiraling iron staircase extending from a parquet floor, perhaps?

Limited to an edition of 50 A3 prints only, you can purchase 'The Pink Door' from my store here:

I hope you like it!

Photographs all taken from my overseas travels in Paris, Carpentras, St.Emillion, and London.