Image via Simply Sona / Pérsona Cosmetics

Image via Simply Sona / Pérsona Cosmetics

Image via Simply Sona / Pérsona Cosmetics

Image via Simply Sona / Pérsona Cosmetics

Image via Simply Sona / Pérsona Cosmetics

Image via Simply Sona / Pérsona Cosmetics

Earlier this year I worked on a beautiful project with make-up artist, beauty blogger and all-round cosmetics aficionado, Sona Gasparian, on an illustration for the packaging of the very first product in her JUST LAUNCHED cosmetics line, Pérsona.
Readers, and beauty enthusiasts alike, may recognise Sona from her insanely popular make-up tutorials on YouTube and her website Simply Sona.
It is always best to read about any Creative's passion project in their own words, so I highly encourage you to visit Sona's post about Pérsona here: www.simplysona.com

Taking inspiration from the city of Paris, the illustration for this product had to convey the idea of its namesake 'Identity Palette' and the way that we can transform our look through make-up, especially when adapting to new surroundings. For this eye-shadow palette and its warmly smoky, metallic hues, the brief was to create a mysteriously alluring French beauty. In true Gallic fashion, our girl has a look that is both effortless and natural, yet striking and seductive at the same time.

Needless to say that it was such a lovely job to work on, and I send Sona so many congratulations on such a huge achievement and I'm excited to see what comes next!

These gorgeous eye shadow palettes can be purchase via the Pérsona website here: www.personacosmetics.co


I first stayed at La Maison Favart a few years ago on my Honeymoon and I'm so happy to have been back here again on this current trip. On top of the marvelous exterior, there's just something so incredibly whimsical about this beautiful, boutique hotel. From the smoke-grey walls to the pink upholstery of the breakfast room, it's the perfect blend of Parisian charm!

But, somebody better pass me a croissant while I pack my bags...I've got a plane to catch *sniff*


One thing I have always loved looking at when I'm walking around are people's front doors, and nowhere is a pretty door more prevalent than in Europe where countries like Italy, France and Britain abound in beautifully ornate architecture.
Huge oak doors - in a variety of shapes, sizes and molds - stand before hidden gardens and courtyards; some delicately covered in blooming wisteria, others standing boldly in lacquered sorbet colours.
I'm forever taking photos of them and have none-so-subtly begged my husband to let us paint our front door pink. He's semi-agreed to "raspberry" but, hey, it's pretty much pink. I'll take it.

While I patiently wait for said raspberry door to arrive, I decided to draw my idea of the perfect pink door and bring it to my print shop. And here she is! A culmination of all of my favourite elements from the doors I've shot on my travels.
I can only imagine the beauty that lays behind it...a spiraling iron staircase extending from a parquet floor, perhaps?

Limited to an edition of 50 A3 prints only, you can purchase 'The Pink Door' from my store here:

I hope you like it!

Photographs all taken from my overseas travels in Paris, Carpentras, St.Emillion, and London.


When it comes to easy interior decorating, I have to say that I LOVE the humble mantle place.
It's always the first place I think of to display a new photo or artwork, and to sit a fresh vase of flowers on. I'm forever changing it around.
These flamingo bookends were a wedding gift and the perfect way to stack our favourite books.
To me some books are artworks in themselves - whether it be because of the cover design, the typography on the spine, or a good old fashion coffee-table book that you love to sit down with and pour over for hours on end.
Also featured here is a vintage Chanel ad (found on eBay) and my new 'Paris' poster which you can purchase in my shop at: www.birdyandme.bigcartel.com

What do you like displaying on your mantle?


My very first large poster print 'PARIS' is now available to purchase! C'est excitant!

At A2, this beauty is double the size of my usual fine art prints, and features a trés jolie femme in a Parisian interior heaven. Printed on quality 200gsm paper, you have the double benefit of either framing your new gal, or taping her to the wall like your Dolly* posters of old! Just maybe not next to JTT. Or Johnny Depp. Or Patrick Swayze**.
(How far back to we dare to tread when it comes to our favourite dreamboats?) 

Get a slice of Paris for your wall now via birdyandme.bigcartel.com

*For those of you residing outside of Australia, and 1992, Dolly is a teen mag for girls.
A rite of passage for we Aussie ladies, you might say.

**You should definitely put it next to a poster of Patrick Swayze.


Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of working on an editorial illustration for Glamour Russia.

When I received the initial brief from my agent my eyes popped at the words "French" "actresses" "Marion Cotillard" "Léa Seydoux" "Audrey Tautou" "Charlotte Gainsbourg" - basically, they had me at hello!
I'm such a huge film fan, and a bit of not-so-closet Francophile and, while I admire the style of every actress featured, three of them just happen to be some of my all-time favourites.

The brief was to illustrate the four of them, sitting together, on a Parisian street. I took a little inspiration from the beautiful exterior of Café de Flore and had a whole lot of fun pouring through images of each lady's personal style.

Amazingly for me, the magazine came out while I was in France on my honeymoon, which made it all the more exciting. I had even just recently visited the home of the late Serge Gainsbourg, father to Charlotte. The exterior is an homage to the actor/musician, covered on every square inch in grafitti and artwork from his fans. Incredible.


As you may have noticed (due to the large lack of posts on my blog) I was a little bit absent for the month of April. This was due to my traveling around on my honeymoon!
A large portion of our time was spent in France, including a brief fling in Paris where we were so lucky to stay at the beautiful La Maison Favart.

La Maison Favart is a ridiculously beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Paris, a short stroll from Opéra, Place Vendôme, and Tuileries, named after Charles-Simon Favart and Justine Duronceray. Their romantic history starts thusly;
Favart was the director of the Comic Opéra and became captivated by Duronceray during a stage performance of Les Fêtes Publiques. They were married on the 12th of December that very same year. And so began the incredible story of the most famous couple in the history of Parisian theatre; Monsier and Madame Favart.

Here's hoping some of their famous love story rubs off on us!

I was so pleased to be able to collaborate with the hotel on this illustration. After photographing every nook and gorgeous cranny for inspiration, I settled upon the Breakfast Room - my favourite! Every morning began with a croissant and a hot cup of tea, surrounded by sunshine and that glorious pink upholstery. Sadly without the perfectly tousled Parisian tresses and cascading gown. Le sigh...
I could hardly do it justice, but I do hope you like it as much as I do.

P.S YES that is a bathtub in the floor. And, who doesn't love a bath in the floor?
DEFINITELY NOT THIS GUY, that's for sure. Especially when paired with Champagne.

If you're fortunate enough to be traveling to Paris in the future, visit La Maison Favart's website here for more information: www.lamaisonfavart.com