So, a few things happened last year;
I went on a honeymoon, I discovered Airb'n'b, and - I started to 'pin'.
I've had a pinterest account for a few years, but never really got into it - until now.
After spending time overseas in the most beautiful spaces, I found myself bitten severely by the interior bug. I fell in love with our surroundings, from quaint Parisian apartments to minimal Berlin lofts, and the vast and varied ways that interiors differ from city to city.

Paired with a recent burst of home renovations and DIY projects, I decided to focus all of this enthusiasm into a new series of works, depicting the home interiors of some of my favourite cities in the world.

First up is Paris. Because, well, Paris.

I think if I could live in any city in the world, interior-wise Paris would be it.
I go gaga for large windows and flower boxes. For filtered sunlight, white washed walls and parquet floors. For ceiling roses and cow hide rugs. For thick coffee table books and gorgeous vintage handbags. This, to me, is the ultimate space.

Stay tuned for the next city - again it's one of my most-loved in the world.
Do you have a favourite city when it comes to influential design?

Image Credits: Kelly Smith