Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of working on an editorial illustration for Glamour Russia.

When I received the initial brief from my agent my eyes popped at the words "French" "actresses" "Marion Cotillard" "Léa Seydoux" "Audrey Tautou" "Charlotte Gainsbourg" - basically, they had me at hello!
I'm such a huge film fan, and a bit of not-so-closet Francophile and, while I admire the style of every actress featured, three of them just happen to be some of my all-time favourites.

The brief was to illustrate the four of them, sitting together, on a Parisian street. I took a little inspiration from the beautiful exterior of Café de Flore and had a whole lot of fun pouring through images of each lady's personal style.

Amazingly for me, the magazine came out while I was in France on my honeymoon, which made it all the more exciting. I had even just recently visited the home of the late Serge Gainsbourg, father to Charlotte. The exterior is an homage to the actor/musician, covered on every square inch in grafitti and artwork from his fans. Incredible.