Another year, another collection of my favourite things; any and all of the things that I'd happily have Santa drop in my stocking this Christmas! Simply click the titles to shop each item.
(I'm looking STRAIGHT IN YOUR EYES, big guy in the red suit.)

1. 'Haze' Heels, Gorman
These sorbet-coloured delights are a girl's best friend for Summer!

2. Dionysus GG Blooms Mini Bag, Gucci
Gucci. Blooms. Need I say more?

3. 'Tribales' earrings, Dior
I've lusted after these earrings since I very first saw them. Pearls are so timeless, and those stars add just the perfect touch of celestial edge to an otherwise classic, lady-like look. I prefer the silver-tone. I'm a silver gal.

4. 'Pillow Talk' liptick, Charlotte Tilbury
Aside from my favourite 'Very Victoria' shade of lipstick, this is my newest must-have. Charlotte Tilbury's nude perfection 'Pillow Talk' lip cheat lipliner has now been released as a lipstick in the same shade. No more colouring in your lips with the pencil every damn day!

5. 'Iconic Bags' postcard book, Fashionary
Laura Laine is one of my favourite illustrators, and bags are one of my vices. She has teamed up with Fashionary to create this series of iconic handbags featuring her elagantly elongated ladies. That pink Dior deserves to be framed.

6. 'Literally Me' book, Julie Houts
One of my favourite people to follow on Instagram, Julie Houts has released this collection of her always-on-the-money illustrated observations of popular culture, politics, society and fashion.

7. 'Provence' Linen Wrap Top, Miranda Bennett
The colour, the fabric, and the style of this top just give me life. So beautifully simple and luxurious. A Summer staple, to be sure.

8. 'Pink Christmas' cards, Kelly Smith
You have to plug your own wares somewhere.
These A5, oversized, greeting cards featuring a Christmas twist on my 'Cinderella' illustration and come in a pack of 3. Blank inside for your own holiday message.

9. 'By Any Other Name' perfume, Altaia
I have so many go-to fragrances, but upon my last visit to the beauty department I swear I smelt every perfume there was to offer, (and 57 glasses of coffee beans in between) and this was HANDS DOWN the most beautiful fragrance I have ever smelt. In my life. Their logo is also a pair of mermaids, so. Santa, can you hear me?

10. 'The Ventura' hat, Lack of Color
Because it's Summer here in 'Straya and a new hat is a must at Christmas time.
This one from Lack of Color is super classic, yet that raffia edge gives it just a hint of something special!

11. 'Opulent' earrings by Valet, Maker's Mgmt
These stunning resin earrings had me at 'Hello!' Already purchasing a pair of the most sugary sweet pink hoops by Valet, these monochromatic beauties are the next on my list! I just have to re-train my ears to carry the weight of BFO earrings. They'll get there!


I had a lot of fun with last year's lust-have Christmas list, so I decided to do it again.
After all, you never know when Santa might scroll through your blog, right?
Unfortunately I ran out of time to make it illustrated, but the Big Guy won't mind, I'm sure.

Some of these items are totally affordable and some live in the 'I'd better have been REALLY good this year' category - however it is, after all, called a WISH list for a reason.
I've also very humbly and subtly thrown in a few of my own products, because I love them and hope you will, too.

1. The Pink Door, limited edition print. Because I'm sure every girl wishes she could be sauntering through the streets of Paris, passing by an large and ornate pink door.

2. Everyone needs a Fuji Instax, right? Well, this guy wants a pink one.

3. I don't know about you, but every set of coasters I have ever owned have ended up either crumbling, disintegrating or covered in constant ring marks. I'm ready to try a stone set, and these black marble beauties from Samantha Wills are perfect.

4. As mentioned previously, I already own about 589 copies of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' but this particular edition has been designed by Vivienne Westwood and is so geometrically delicious I can't stand it.

5. Bal D'Afrique is my favourite Byredo scent. I've also tried La Tulipe and Rose Noir (Rose Noir was going strong in No.1 spot for a while) but now I can't go past the powdery beauty of Bal D'Afrique.

6. One of the most incredible and creative forces in fashion is Vogue's own Grace Coddington. Having personally styled and directed some of the magazine's most beautiful and iconic photo shoots, this couture-mad Queen has collated an impressively stunning portfolio of work that can all be viewed in the book 'Grace Coddington: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue.' A must for any lover of fashion & photography.

7. You can't give a gift without a card, and again I HAVE JUST THE THING.
My Christmas card sets feature a sexy Santa, an enormous candy cane, and just enough cheek and couture to set your lady friends' pulses racing.

8. Garance Doré, the Parisian-turned-New Yorker, Queen of street style photography and illustration has released her very first book. Finally! Full of insights into her life in both Paris and New York, along with imagery she has captured over the years, "Love, Style, Life" promises to be one beautifully curated selection of Garance's best work and a must for any fashionista's coffee table.

9. I just love the oval shape of these ceramic plates from Country Road. The dove grey and blush palette is also right up my alley.

10. I've long been bag-obessed, and this lady truly needs no more. HOWEVER, when I saw this pink Marimekko confection appear in my Instagram feed a few weeks ago, I was smitten.
I generally wear a uniform that consists entirely of black. So, when I decide to add a little colour, I like to do so with accessories.