spring TWINS


As Winter wraps itself around us down here in the Southern Hemisphere, my news feed (and brain) is filled with images of European Springs and Summers...flower stands in London, Paris and New York overflowing with beautiful blooms.
It's those same said blooms that have made their way to Australia, and my mantle piece is filled with the last of the imported peonies for the season! I'll have to make the most of them until October, when they burst out with our own Spring.
It's perhaps a bit of wishful thinking / wanderlust that led me to create these two blooming beauties. Although, let's be honest, flowers are never far from my mind - or pencil.
I wanted to convey that sense of Spring and the fantasy of filling our arms - or market bags - with as many flowers as we can carry! I'd also like this bike. So...y'know. Draw what you love / covet, I guess!

These sistas as available in my shop now in limited editions of 50 A3 prints only - signed and numbered by me - until sold out.
Buy one, buy both, keep one, gift another to a friend - they're a special pair and now that I offer free postage in Australia and flat rates worldwide - it's probs a good time to double up ;) 
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A really lovely blog post from from the people at McQueens florist in London.
Beginning as a small flower shop in Shoreditch, McQueens is now one of the most well-respected florists in the United Kingdom, working with luxury hotels and high-end clients such as Claridge's, Mulberry, Christian Louboutin, and Harrods.
I was so flattered to be approached for a feature on their blog, talking about my work and all things floral!
You can view it on their website here: www.blog.mcqueens.co.uk


As someone who personally wishes it could be Christmas all year long, even I am well aware that it seems pretty soon to be flogging Christmas cards before October is even through.

However there are only 8 WEEKS until Christmas!
Which means NOW is the time to start getting organised - especially for those of us who love to send our festive cheer via good old snail mail - as postal services will only slow down from here on in (in fact, my Christmas delivery cut-off times are now listed in my store.)

I had a play with my illustration of 'The Florist' to come up with this little lady because this year "I'm Dreamin' of a Floral Christmas" just like the ones Bing Crosby used to know. But, you know, with more flowers...

These cards are SUPER limited, only 100 produced in total, and will come FREE with every print order in my store while stock lasts.
There are also a very few sets of 3 available to purchase on their own.

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I think I have a problem at the moment of coming up with the most intricate concepts for new works that ultimately end up taking me weeks, if not months, to finish, whereby I end up constantly pausing them to start something new.
Which is exactly what happened this week. Growing a little tired of the tedious details of my current illustration, as well as the freezing cold weather we've been experiencing Down Under, I thought I'd try to hurry Spring on a little bit with a floral-themed piece.
I'm no where near done with the Thumbelina-sized girls just yet (will I ever be?) and I thought it would be lovely to have one carrying an enormous bunch of blooms.
I've titled this one 'The Florist' because, well, sometimes I just think it would be the most wonderful job in the world - surrounded by beautiful flowers all day long. Can you even imagine?

'The Florist' is available in my store now in a limited edition of 30 A3 and 30 A4 prints until sold out.
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Now, back to client work as well as that complicated piece I've been putting off...


Earlier this year, I worked on quite a big project with design and art-direction agency, Neighbour UK,
for Triumph lingerie.
I illustrated what felt like squillions of individual blooms to be grouped into floral clusters - which have since been used to create floral window wonderlands in Triumph stores around the globe!
Peonies, roses, lilacs and more...

The images above were captured at the Triumph store in Milan, Italy. I love!
Illustrazioni di Kelly Smith has a nice ring to it I think....

If any of you happen to see the windows while you're out and about I'd love for you to post to Instagram and tag me in them!

Huge thanks to Neighbour for providing the imagery for this post and for asking me to be a part of such a lovely project.



I haven't had a lot of time to work on new prints lately due to my workload (so many exciting things to come!)
but I've been plugging away slowly on this piece for about a month or so now, in between client projects/approvals.
It's so nice to finally be able to share the finished illustration with you!

A product of my love for all things décor, floral and Thumbelina-inspired, this brand new print is available for pre-order in my store now!
She may just be my new favourite lady; giving some serious Vogue vibes in her Dior/Valli-inspired gown.

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring should just have sprung, so this one's for you, you lucky rascals.
If the Australian weather is anything to go by, my next girl might be wearing thermals and a LOT of angora....

Limited to an edition of 50 A3 prints only, you can order her here: