Just prior to Christmas I received a copy of the Summer edition of Australian magazine The Flower Seekers. Made by flower lovers, for flower lovers, the new issue features a small article on my work, complete with a few pages of images.
Thank you Sonya, and the rest of the team. It was such a lovely way to end the year!

You can find the magazine and order a copy here:



Another year, another collection of my favourite things; any and all of the things that I'd happily have Santa drop in my stocking this Christmas! Simply click the titles to shop each item.
(I'm looking STRAIGHT IN YOUR EYES, big guy in the red suit.)

1. 'Haze' Heels, Gorman
These sorbet-coloured delights are a girl's best friend for Summer!

2. Dionysus GG Blooms Mini Bag, Gucci
Gucci. Blooms. Need I say more?

3. 'Tribales' earrings, Dior
I've lusted after these earrings since I very first saw them. Pearls are so timeless, and those stars add just the perfect touch of celestial edge to an otherwise classic, lady-like look. I prefer the silver-tone. I'm a silver gal.

4. 'Pillow Talk' liptick, Charlotte Tilbury
Aside from my favourite 'Very Victoria' shade of lipstick, this is my newest must-have. Charlotte Tilbury's nude perfection 'Pillow Talk' lip cheat lipliner has now been released as a lipstick in the same shade. No more colouring in your lips with the pencil every damn day!

5. 'Iconic Bags' postcard book, Fashionary
Laura Laine is one of my favourite illustrators, and bags are one of my vices. She has teamed up with Fashionary to create this series of iconic handbags featuring her elagantly elongated ladies. That pink Dior deserves to be framed.

6. 'Literally Me' book, Julie Houts
One of my favourite people to follow on Instagram, Julie Houts has released this collection of her always-on-the-money illustrated observations of popular culture, politics, society and fashion.

7. 'Provence' Linen Wrap Top, Miranda Bennett
The colour, the fabric, and the style of this top just give me life. So beautifully simple and luxurious. A Summer staple, to be sure.

8. 'Pink Christmas' cards, Kelly Smith
You have to plug your own wares somewhere.
These A5, oversized, greeting cards featuring a Christmas twist on my 'Cinderella' illustration and come in a pack of 3. Blank inside for your own holiday message.

9. 'By Any Other Name' perfume, Altaia
I have so many go-to fragrances, but upon my last visit to the beauty department I swear I smelt every perfume there was to offer, (and 57 glasses of coffee beans in between) and this was HANDS DOWN the most beautiful fragrance I have ever smelt. In my life. Their logo is also a pair of mermaids, so. Santa, can you hear me?

10. 'The Ventura' hat, Lack of Color
Because it's Summer here in 'Straya and a new hat is a must at Christmas time.
This one from Lack of Color is super classic, yet that raffia edge gives it just a hint of something special!

11. 'Opulent' earrings by Valet, Maker's Mgmt
These stunning resin earrings had me at 'Hello!' Already purchasing a pair of the most sugary sweet pink hoops by Valet, these monochromatic beauties are the next on my list! I just have to re-train my ears to carry the weight of BFO earrings. They'll get there!


I recently hit 100,000 followers on my Instagram page and, pardon my French, I just have to say HOLY SH!T.
I didn't want to make a long, rambling post about this but I DID want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for following, supporting, and encouraging me at this little pass time-turned-profession of mine.
I won't lie - I find the internet to be a bit of a scary place at times and the sheer volume of us using these platforms is a little overwhelming. I've never been one to feel extremely comfortable with sharing much of my life online, but the fact is that the number above that follow button, while only a number, is truly humbling. Because, while I don't share my personal life, I do share my artwork and that in itself is a huge part of who I am. That so many of you are interested in it leaves me a little bit speechless. 

As a small thank you I want to give everyone 20% off all prints in my store with code "100K" until Friday 7th April.
You can visit my store here:

Sending so much love and gratitude out to all of you x

P.S That little 'Thank You' card is by the very clever, fellow Tasmanian, Eloise Lark!


That's a *WRAP* (ba-doom-ching) on Christmas for another year, folks!
I'm now OUT for the holidays. My print shop will re-open after Christmas, but I will remain quiet up until the New year.

Thank you all so much for your print orders and supporting my little shop, and in turn myself, at this time of year!  It's such a privilege to be able to share my work with you all and I hope that any of my ladies that have found their way under your tree this year are enjoyed for many years to come!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and wherever you are, whatever you celebrate, may your holiday be safe, happy and full of love! x


A really lovely blog post from from the people at McQueens florist in London.
Beginning as a small flower shop in Shoreditch, McQueens is now one of the most well-respected florists in the United Kingdom, working with luxury hotels and high-end clients such as Claridge's, Mulberry, Christian Louboutin, and Harrods.
I was so flattered to be approached for a feature on their blog, talking about my work and all things floral!
You can view it on their website here:

"I'M OUT, BABY!" a man that looked a lot like Patrick Swayze once said during a Summer in the Catskills.
Only I haven't been fired for dancing too dirty, I'm off on an overseas adventure for the next 4 weeks!

While my shop will be closed for the duration of my break (you can purchase prints in-store at Signed & Numbered) I will be updating my blog and social media channels with highlights of my trip!
I made sure to build up a wee portfolio of new work to post while I'm away - suited to each city I visit - so do keep your eyes peeled and follow the hashtag #birdytravels to catch up on what you might have missed.

For now, though, it's Sayonara, Ta Ta, Au Revoir and Arrivederci from me!


Well, hello 2016!

I'm finally back at my desk after a lovely and long Summer holiday - the best part of which (aside from Christmas and New Year) was spent in this beautiful little slice of paradise, with my husband and friends.
Goremans Road is a property in the Byron Hinterland, a lush tropical wilderness full of sunshine, birdsong, and sparkling water. I don't think I've ever had such a relaxing break. It could have been the clear blue skies and rustling palm trees.......or maybe it was the endless supply of Mojitos. I guess we'll never know!

I hope you all had a wonderful break over the holiday period - I'm excited to see what the coming year is going to bring!