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So thrilled to have worked with my friends at Laurence King Publishing for a fourth time on the brand new volume, ‘Terrific Timelines: Fashion.’

Conceived by Richard Ferguson and researched/written by Isabel Thomas, this interactive volume is one of a series of ‘press out & display’ books chronicling significant moments in history ; focussing this time on Fashion!
We’ve worked our way through the entirety of sartorial history and illustrated key looks from Ancient Egypt all the way to the present-day 2000s, including La Belle Epoque, the ‘New Look,’ and the Swinging Sixties!
Each figure can be pressed out and placed into her corresponding stand, creating a 3D timeline that can be displayed on any bookshelf.

I had so much fun working on this (discovering many an interesting fact as I went.)
Initially I assumed I’d immediately love anything post 1920s but some of my favourites to draw were the Elizabethan and Versailles gowns; such beautiful silhouettes and so detailed!
I mean, I got to draw Marie Antoinette in all of her powder-pink glory. I can die happy now.

These pop-up beauties are the best fash-ucation a kid (big or small) could ever need, and available now at your local bookstore or online at laurenceking.com.

I hope you like some of the sneeky peaks below!




I recently had the pleasure of illustrating for the pages of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia magazine in order to promote their annual ‘House of Bazaar’ event, held in partnership with Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates.

The house itself is comprised of four main ‘rooms’ which detail and display different areas of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle; these being the Fashion Closet, the Beauty Boudoir, the Nursery and the Wellness Room.

Held over the period of October 9-13, the House of Bazaar also featured a runway show and one-on-one conversations with fashion, beauty and lifestyle professionals including Victoria’s Secret legend, Alessandra Ambrosio, style influencers Karen Wazen-Bakhazi and Jessica Kahawaty (all of which I had the opportunity to illustrate.)

I have yet to get my hands on the printed magazine, but hoping to see it all in person soon!

For now, I hope you enjoy a selection of the illustrations and images from the magazine and event itself! You can read more via the official website here and also behind-scenes process via my agency’s news site here.

Thanks to Bazaar for inviting me to be a part of this special project! x

Via Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Via Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio

Karen Wazen Bakhazi

Karen Wazen Bakhazi

Rhea Jacobs

Rhea Jacobs

Jessica Kahawaty

Jessica Kahawaty




Just prior to Christmas I received a copy of the Summer edition of Australian magazine The Flower Seekers. Made by flower lovers, for flower lovers, the new issue features a small article on my work, complete with a few pages of images.
Thank you Sonya, and the rest of the team. It was such a lovely way to end the year!

You can find the magazine and order a copy here: www.theflowerseekers.com



Some brand new work for Vogue Japan!

Excuse me for one second while I gush about something...
Aside from the obvious – my intense love for Japan itself – this edition of Vogue has always been one of my favourites. Mainly for their unique take on fashion, but also for their unwavering support of illustration. It's something of a rarity these days to find illustration used frequently throughout any one issue of a magazine, yet Vogue Japan do it EVERY MONTH.
I love – and applaud – it!

I was so thrilled to work on these beauty illustrations for the September issue – on stands now.
Featuring a bevvy of beauties taking the appropriate steps toward flawless skin; nutritious smoothies, gentle massage and face creams.
There were also additional illustrations on the following pages, covering four different face shapes and the best skin care routine for each.

If you want to get your hands on a copy, Vogue Japan can be purchased via this link to Amazon JP HERE. I very frequently purchase my fave Japanese titles (of which there are many) this way.

Can we take a moment to appreciate this insane cover? Original noughties Supers dressed head to toe in Prada = ICONIC.
I could not have fluked a more flawless issue to be asked work on.
I just had to share some of my faves from the shoot by Luigi & Iango below:

Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Japan September 2017

Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Japan September 2017

Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Japan September 2017

Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Japan September 2017

Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Japan September 2017

Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Japan September 2017

Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Japan September 2017

Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Japan September 2017

Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Japan September 2017

Photographed by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Japan September 2017

Image Credits:
Photographer: Luigi & Iango
Styling: Anna Dello Russo
Models: Anna Ewers, Doutzen Kroes, Joan Smalls, Lara Stone, Natasha Poly & Vittoria Ceretti
Hair: Luigi Murenu
Make Up: Yumi Lee
Nails: Sara Alaimo


A really lovely blog post from from the people at McQueens florist in London.
Beginning as a small flower shop in Shoreditch, McQueens is now one of the most well-respected florists in the United Kingdom, working with luxury hotels and high-end clients such as Claridge's, Mulberry, Christian Louboutin, and Harrods.
I was so flattered to be approached for a feature on their blog, talking about my work and all things floral!
You can view it on their website here: www.blog.mcqueens.co.uk


I'm so honoured to have my Viktor & Rolf illustration featured inside the latest supplement from Vogue España!
In a special feature about the relationship between fashion and illustration, my work is published alongside that of the wonderful Judith Van Den Hoek and Sarah Beetson - both also rep'd by my agency Illustration Ltd. Go, team!
You can find the article inside Vogue Tech with the June issue of Vogue España - on sale now.


If you don't understand this post's title reference, then you'd better go watch Pretty Woman the very second you close this window!

I channeled my inner Julia Roberts when I finally laid eyes on my illustrated cover for NEXT magazine's February issue which celebrates the current wave of popularity toward colouring books for adults.
I LOVED this concept when it was described to me by the Art Director of the magazine, and jumped at the chance to have my little lady stripped bare for all.

This whole colouring craze FASCINATES ME. Where did it originate? Why did it become such a THING? As a friend recently put it to me, is this what grown-ups have been waiting for their entire adult-lives? A socially-acceptable creative outlet?
I guess to someone like myself, who basically does the aforementioned for a living, (and is also enrolled at the Peter Pan school of adult-ing) it's easy to forget what it's like to have a job that doesn't allow you to express yourself creatively in any way.
I mean, once you leave school you're essentially sent out into the dark abyss that is adulthood, with its myriad of challenges and general life problems that we're immune to as children. And, while it's not ALL doom and gloom - most of the time it's pretty damn cool -  it's definitely not as much fun as being a kid can be. I mean when else do you get to spend 6 hours a day pasting glitter on to cardboard?
I kind of love the idea that this whole craze has become a metaphor for adding a little colour and fun to our daily lives - as well as to a black and white sheet of paper.
After all, why should kids have all the fun?

If you're reading this from New Zealand, and you happen to pick up a packet of pencils to colour this baby, I'd LOVE to see your pics of what you end up with!
Funnily enough colouring my illustrations is always the part that takes me the LONGEST time, as I agonise over how much to use, where to place it, when to pare it back or make it bolder. So I'm very intrigued to see how everyone else uses it here...
If you post your pics, add the hashtag #birdycolour so I can find you on Instagram!


"In a splendor of style, elegance, and surreal botanical wonder, sinuous graphite lines and contrasting pops of color awaken a feminine beauty unlike any other. In this alluring paper space a pencil is more than lead and wood. It is the captive instrument of the creator, shaping the story of each delicate subject peering out from the page.
This is the work of Kelly Smith."

The extremely lovely/flattering words above come from the new issue of Beautiful.Bizarre magazine, in which I am very fortunate to be one of the featured artists.
Featuring 12 pages of illustrations and a little article from the lovely Bella Harris, Issue 010 of BB is available NOW both in printed and PDF format.
Visit beautifulbizarre.net for purchase + stockist info!

Thanks Danijela + Bella for the wonderful feature.