A subject I can never quite put to bed, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ has once again provided inspiration for my latest illustration and print in my Fairytales & Fables series.
It didn’t ease my fascination to recently visit the ‘Wonderland’ exhibit in Melbourne’s ACMI centre.
To see so many iterations of Lewis Carroll’s famous story, along with original artworks, manuscripts and various animation stills, was a treat beyond all others!
(Scroll down further for a few images from the exhibition.)

With a brain abuzz with Wonderland magic, and feeling inspired by a particular chapter in ‘Through the Looking Glass’ - ‘The Garden of Live Flowers’ - I decided to portray Alice in a garden bed surrounded by oversized, talking blooms.

'How is it you can all talk so nicely?' Alice said, hoping to get it into a better temper by a compliment. 'I've been in many gardens before, but none of the flowers could talk.'

'Put your hand down, and feel the ground,' said the Tiger-lily. 'Then you'll know why.

Alice did so. 'It's very hard,' she said, 'but I don't see what that has to do with it.'

'In most gardens,' the Tiger-lily said, 'they make the beds too soft — so that the flowers are always asleep.'

This sounded a very good reason, and Alice was quite pleased to know it. 'I never thought of that before!' she said.’

– Lewis Carroll.

Of course in this version we see Alice in all of her sartorial splendour with a little nod to the extraordinary impact she has had on the fashion and beauty industries via an imagined Diptyque scent Wonderland which would, of course, be used as a vase in its namesake habitat.
(As I, myself, do with my own empty vessels at home.)

I hope you like this latest ‘Alice’ illustration.

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L-R Concept Art by Walt Disney Studios, Original Pencil Sketch by John Tenniel

L-R Concept Art by Walt Disney Studios, Original Pencil Sketch by John Tenniel