spring TWINS


As Winter wraps itself around us down here in the Southern Hemisphere, my news feed (and brain) is filled with images of European Springs and Summers...flower stands in London, Paris and New York overflowing with beautiful blooms.
It's those same said blooms that have made their way to Australia, and my mantle piece is filled with the last of the imported peonies for the season! I'll have to make the most of them until October, when they burst out with our own Spring.
It's perhaps a bit of wishful thinking / wanderlust that led me to create these two blooming beauties. Although, let's be honest, flowers are never far from my mind - or pencil.
I wanted to convey that sense of Spring and the fantasy of filling our arms - or market bags - with as many flowers as we can carry! I'd also like this bike. So...y'know. Draw what you love / covet, I guess!

These sistas as available in my shop now in limited editions of 50 A3 prints only - signed and numbered by me - until sold out.
Buy one, buy both, keep one, gift another to a friend - they're a special pair and now that I offer free postage in Australia and flat rates worldwide - it's probs a good time to double up ;) 
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