terrific timelines : FASHION


So thrilled to have worked with my friends at Laurence King Publishing for a fourth time on the brand new volume, ‘Terrific Timelines: Fashion.’

Conceived by Richard Ferguson and researched/written by Isabel Thomas, this interactive volume is one of a series of ‘press out & display’ books chronicling significant moments in history ; focussing this time on Fashion!
We’ve worked our way through the entirety of sartorial history and illustrated key looks from Ancient Egypt all the way to the present-day 2000s, including La Belle Epoque, the ‘New Look,’ and the Swinging Sixties!
Each figure can be pressed out and placed into her corresponding stand, creating a 3D timeline that can be displayed on any bookshelf.

I had so much fun working on this (discovering many an interesting fact as I went.)
Initially I assumed I’d immediately love anything post 1920s but some of my favourites to draw were the Elizabethan and Versailles gowns; such beautiful silhouettes and so detailed!
I mean, I got to draw Marie Antoinette in all of her powder-pink glory. I can die happy now.

These pop-up beauties are the best fash-ucation a kid (big or small) could ever need, and available now at your local bookstore or online at laurenceking.com.

I hope you like some of the sneeky peaks below!