Some new work for luxury beauty brand, Chantecaille.
To coincide with the release of their F/W 2017 collection, Chantecaille invited a number of artists to take part in their 'Save the Forest' campaign, taking inspiration from the product within the collection, along with the fundamental elements of the brand identity; natural ingredients, beautiful botanicals, and lush wilderness.
The F/W collection also includes a very special eye palette, designed to both reflect and raise awareness for a carefully chosen environmental cause. This year, Sylvie Chantecaille, the creator of the brand, was inspired by the incredibly beautiful, but endangered, habitat of the Congo and its last remaining silverback gorilla population.
(Fun fact: the photograph used on the palette is one of Sylvie's own.)

It's an astonishing figure that 50% of the world's rain forests are destroyed every minute.
As someone who happens to live in one of the most naturally beautiful parts of the world, Tasmania, this project was close to my heart. (Temperate rain forests comprise roughly 10% of Tasmania, 598,000 hectares, which is the largest coverage in Australia.)
It's undeniably important that we do everything we can to protect and nurture our natural forests and landscapes.

Taking my inspiration from the lush greenery of the forest, along with the gorgeous colours of the palette in their rich, earthy tones, I wanted to create a sort of super-chic wood nymph, standing on the forest floor, surrounded by, and holding close to her, foliage and products from the collection. Along with the sense of beauty and sophistication that comes with the Chantecaille brand, my aim was to portray the idea of new life; which, for the rain forest, is all about fresh, bold colour, unfurling shapes but it also has a certain fragility. It was important to me to show in some way that we have to nurture the environment as best we can.

To make it even more alluring, a portion of the proceeds from the 'Save the Forests' eye palette will go directly to the Rainforest Alliance, an organisation that works to protect both the precious forests and the vast array of wildlife and endangered species' that inhabit it.
Clicking on 'add to cart' never felt so rewarding!

You can read more about the campaign by heading to the Chantecaille website here.
Australian shoppers can shop the product in Mecca stores nationwide or online at Net-A-Porter.