I think I have a problem at the moment of coming up with the most intricate concepts for new works that ultimately end up taking me weeks, if not months, to finish, whereby I end up constantly pausing them to start something new.
Which is exactly what happened this week. Growing a little tired of the tedious details of my current illustration, as well as the freezing cold weather we've been experiencing Down Under, I thought I'd try to hurry Spring on a little bit with a floral-themed piece.
I'm no where near done with the Thumbelina-sized girls just yet (will I ever be?) and I thought it would be lovely to have one carrying an enormous bunch of blooms.
I've titled this one 'The Florist' because, well, sometimes I just think it would be the most wonderful job in the world - surrounded by beautiful flowers all day long. Can you even imagine?

'The Florist' is available in my store now in a limited edition of 30 A3 and 30 A4 prints until sold out.
You can plant her in your home visiting the nursery here:

Now, back to client work as well as that complicated piece I've been putting off...