This year's Christmas cards have arrived a little bit early (although, when it comes to Christmas is there even such a thing?!) due to my being currently overseas.
To get a head start on the silly Santa season, and because I'm feeling festive after seeing all of the Christmas displays in NYC, I decided to put these beauties up in the shop now.

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite Christmas jingles, 'Kissing Santa Claus' is a play on the song made famous by Motown and the likes of Jackson 5 and The Ronettes. You might also remember Elaine crooning it out on Ally McBeal back in the 90s. Remember Ally McBeal?! The dancing baby?! Barry White?! Sigh...
It's just a super fun, flirtatious carol that I thought would be the perfect accompaniment to Christmas this year.

Available to purchase now in packs of 3 here:
As always stock is limited so be quick to avoid missing out.

Please note that any orders placed on or prior to Friday, October 30th will be posted on Monday, November 2nd.