Last week I went to my first ever ballet performance (of Swan Lake) and it was so magical!
The dancers make it look so effortless, but when you see the principals come out - in particular the Prima ballerina (Lina Seveliova of the Imperial Russian Ballet) in the title role of Odette, The Swan Queen - you realise just how disciplined, skilled, and incredible they are. The way that their bodies bend, curve and twist. It's stunning. I was also blown away by the mannerisms the Prima adopted, such as shaking her bowed head slightly as she emulated the preening swan.

Because I was too scared to attempt a photograph in the theatre (which you shouldn't do, anyway!) I used the above illustration from a 2011 commission for InStyle UK to accompany my post on Instagram. The stunning Mila Kunis as she appeared alongside Natalie Portman in Black Swan, the film based on a cast of dancers performing Swan Lake. I've no doubt that most of you would have already seen it, but if not - hop to it! With costumes by Rodarte and the most amazing performances, it's so beautiful (albeit creepy) to watch!
Of course, if you can catch a live performance you should definitely do it. I think I'm hooked.

Due to popular demand via Instagram I've decided to release the Mila illustration as an extemely limited edition print. Only 25 available worldwide.

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Bottom image from The Imperial Russian Ballet's Swan Lake captured by Jared Taylor.