Next in the Couture series is the always polished, and a little bit bold, Dior.
One of the major stand-outs of the show was the hair. The hair!
I feel like those glorious ponytails require a moment of quiet reflection, to ensure that they are fully appreciated.

One of the things that I LOVE about Dior, and especially since Raf Simons took the helm, is that each collection becomes a modern reflection on time.
Fashion is always re-inventing itself, and I feel like Raf's designs for Dior epitomise this notion.
While the last collection was influenced by a Marie-Antoinette-esque 18th Century silhouette, with large bustles and exaggerated waistlines, this season Dior have ventured a little further into the future/past and revealed a collection that is heavily inspired by the silhouettes of the 60s. Mod shift dresses and poodle skirts are given a contemporary reinterpretation through psychedelic appliqué, cut out waist panels, and shimmering pleats.

It was hard to choose just one look as they were all so incredibly different. So I went for two.

Image Credit: vogue.co.uk