My very first large poster print 'PARIS' is now available to purchase! C'est excitant!

At A2, this beauty is double the size of my usual fine art prints, and features a trés jolie femme in a Parisian interior heaven. Printed on quality 200gsm paper, you have the double benefit of either framing your new gal, or taping her to the wall like your Dolly* posters of old! Just maybe not next to JTT. Or Johnny Depp. Or Patrick Swayze**.
(How far back to we dare to tread when it comes to our favourite dreamboats?) 

Get a slice of Paris for your wall now via

*For those of you residing outside of Australia, and 1992, Dolly is a teen mag for girls.
A rite of passage for we Aussie ladies, you might say.

**You should definitely put it next to a poster of Patrick Swayze.