I recently had the pleasure of working on a beauty illustration for Australian skincare giant Alpha-H and their '15 Years of Liquid Gold' celebration.

I was first introduced to this product way back in my high school years and it quickly became the only (after many futile attempts with other products) saviour to my blotchy, teenaged skin.
I still use this product - every two to three days - to cleanse and rejuvenate my skin, but it's funny to think back on that awkward time while I sit here typing this post - all grown up and blemish free! Thanks Liquid Gold!

As a super special birthday treat, Alpha-H are offering my readers 10% off their entire range online until the end of the month! (31/3/15)
Simply enter the code KELLYLOVESAH during checkout. Huzzah!

For more information on Liquid Gold, and the celebratory events surrounding its anniversary, visit the website here: