A subject I can never quite put to bed, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ has once again provided inspiration for my latest illustration and print in my Fairytales & Fables series.
It didn’t ease my fascination to recently visit the ‘Wonderland’ exhibit in Melbourne’s ACMI centre.
To see so many iterations of Lewis Carroll’s famous story, along with original artworks, manuscripts and various animation stills, was a treat beyond all others!
(Scroll down further for a few images from the exhibition.)

With a brain abuzz with Wonderland magic, and feeling inspired by a particular chapter in ‘Through the Looking Glass’ - ‘The Garden of Live Flowers’ - I decided to portray Alice in a garden bed surrounded by oversized, talking blooms.

'How is it you can all talk so nicely?' Alice said, hoping to get it into a better temper by a compliment. 'I've been in many gardens before, but none of the flowers could talk.'

'Put your hand down, and feel the ground,' said the Tiger-lily. 'Then you'll know why.

Alice did so. 'It's very hard,' she said, 'but I don't see what that has to do with it.'

'In most gardens,' the Tiger-lily said, 'they make the beds too soft — so that the flowers are always asleep.'

This sounded a very good reason, and Alice was quite pleased to know it. 'I never thought of that before!' she said.’

– Lewis Carroll.

Of course in this version we see Alice in all of her sartorial splendour with a little nod to the extraordinary impact she has had on the fashion and beauty industries via an imagined Diptyque scent Wonderland which would, of course, be used as a vase in its namesake habitat.
(As I, myself, do with my own empty vessels at home.)

I hope you like this latest ‘Alice’ illustration.

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 L-R Concept Art by Walt Disney Studios, Original Pencil Sketch by John Tenniel

L-R Concept Art by Walt Disney Studios, Original Pencil Sketch by John Tenniel

spring TWINS


As Winter wraps itself around us down here in the Southern Hemisphere, my news feed (and brain) is filled with images of European Springs and Summers...flower stands in London, Paris and New York overflowing with beautiful blooms.
It's those same said blooms that have made their way to Australia, and my mantle piece is filled with the last of the imported peonies for the season! I'll have to make the most of them until October, when they burst out with our own Spring.
It's perhaps a bit of wishful thinking / wanderlust that led me to create these two blooming beauties. Although, let's be honest, flowers are never far from my mind - or pencil.
I wanted to convey that sense of Spring and the fantasy of filling our arms - or market bags - with as many flowers as we can carry! I'd also like this bike. So...y'know. Draw what you love / covet, I guess!

These sistas as available in my shop now in limited editions of 50 A3 prints only - signed and numbered by me - until sold out.
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Pretty as a *powder-pink Dior* picture...
Just 9 prints left in the edition of my Thumbelina-inspired 'La Petite Fleur' before she's sold out forever!
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Re-visiting an old classic with a new take on 'The Swan Princess.'

Whether you know the story from its various incarnations such as 'The Swan Princess,' or Tchaikovsky's 'Swan Lake,' you are no doubt familiar with the tragic heroine Odette. Cursed by an evil sorcerer (aren't they always) Odette is transformed by night into a beautiful white swan. 
A young prince, Siegfried, happens upon Odette one night  in the forest and becomes enamoured by her, his love the secret to breaking her curse. 
Act III sees the sorcerer deceive the prince by introducing him to his 'daughter,' Odile, the 'black' swan and a doppelgänger for his beloved Odette. The princes falls under her spell, inadvertently ruining Odette's chance of freedom.

The ballet itself is so incredibly beautiful, and the image of the heartbroken swan-girl is iconic.I have delved into this tale previously, but wanted to tackle it again to incorporate more detail; both the black and white swans, the enchanted forest, and that beautiful crescent moon.

'The Swan Queen' is available in my print shop now in a limited edition of 40 A3 prints and 15 A2 prints only.
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Keep scrolling for more 'Swan/Odette' inspired imagery!

 Kate Moss photographed by Steven Klein for W Magazine

Kate Moss photographed by Steven Klein for W Magazine

 Tim Walker for Vogue UK

Tim Walker for Vogue UK

 Crista Cober photographed by Kristian Schullerfor Harper's Bazaar Turkey

Crista Cober photographed by Kristian Schullerfor Harper's Bazaar Turkey

 Letitia Costa photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris

Letitia Costa photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris

 Caroline Trentini photographed by Arthur Elgort for Vogue US

Caroline Trentini photographed by Arthur Elgort for Vogue US



I've long followed the make-up legend that is Pat McGrath on Instagram, marvelling with stars in my eyes over her delectably inventive beauty looks for various design houses - be it during any given fashion week, or the editorial pages of a magazine.

One particular show captured my imagination during the Fall/Winter RTW showings - namely Prada - which saw beautiful tweed Winter coats breezing down the runway, paired with rubber boots, shockingly bright neon bows tied in tulle and brilliantly shiny diamanté cat eyes. It was a collection of beautifully ethereal, wet-haired aliens and I loved it!

I couldn't decide on any one look in particular as each girl varied wildly between outfit and beauty looks. So I combined my favourites to create the ultimate Prada girl!

I hope you like.









You'd think I'd be getting tired of the botanical illustrations by now, buuuuut - no such luck!
I decided to draw a little companion to my 'Florist' girl over the last week, because I clearly can't enough of these tiny people.

This is 'The Botanist' - very nearly titled 'Botany Bae' to the now broken dreams of my husband and friends.
But that's an Aussie in-joke. 

This green-thumbed beauty is available in the same sizes and quantities as her (now sold-out) sister! (30 A4 & 30 A3 prints.)
To be honest, I think I like her even more than her floral twin!

You can pick up a print here: www.birdyandme.com.au/shop

P.S The second artwork in the image above is by the amazing Pippa McManus.



A new personal work for my folio and store!

Inspired by the song 'Golden Afternoon' from my forever favourite, 'Alice in Wonderland' this piece is all about lazy sun-kissed days spent amongst the flowers and fluttering creatures found in any garden.

You can find prints here: www.birdyandme.com.au/shop



Just prior to Christmas I received a copy of the Summer edition of Australian magazine The Flower Seekers. Made by flower lovers, for flower lovers, the new issue features a small article on my work, complete with a few pages of images.
Thank you Sonya, and the rest of the team. It was such a lovely way to end the year!

You can find the magazine and order a copy here: www.theflowerseekers.com



Another year, another collection of my favourite things; any and all of the things that I'd happily have Santa drop in my stocking this Christmas! Simply click the titles to shop each item.
(I'm looking STRAIGHT IN YOUR EYES, big guy in the red suit.)

1. 'Haze' Heels, Gorman
These sorbet-coloured delights are a girl's best friend for Summer!

2. Dionysus GG Blooms Mini Bag, Gucci
Gucci. Blooms. Need I say more?

3. 'Tribales' earrings, Dior
I've lusted after these earrings since I very first saw them. Pearls are so timeless, and those stars add just the perfect touch of celestial edge to an otherwise classic, lady-like look. I prefer the silver-tone. I'm a silver gal.

4. 'Pillow Talk' liptick, Charlotte Tilbury
Aside from my favourite 'Very Victoria' shade of lipstick, this is my newest must-have. Charlotte Tilbury's nude perfection 'Pillow Talk' lip cheat lipliner has now been released as a lipstick in the same shade. No more colouring in your lips with the pencil every damn day!

5. 'Iconic Bags' postcard book, Fashionary
Laura Laine is one of my favourite illustrators, and bags are one of my vices. She has teamed up with Fashionary to create this series of iconic handbags featuring her elagantly elongated ladies. That pink Dior deserves to be framed.

6. 'Literally Me' book, Julie Houts
One of my favourite people to follow on Instagram, Julie Houts has released this collection of her always-on-the-money illustrated observations of popular culture, politics, society and fashion.

7. 'Provence' Linen Wrap Top, Miranda Bennett
The colour, the fabric, and the style of this top just give me life. So beautifully simple and luxurious. A Summer staple, to be sure.

8. 'Pink Christmas' cards, Kelly Smith
You have to plug your own wares somewhere.
These A5, oversized, greeting cards featuring a Christmas twist on my 'Cinderella' illustration and come in a pack of 3. Blank inside for your own holiday message.

9. 'By Any Other Name' perfume, Altaia
I have so many go-to fragrances, but upon my last visit to the beauty department I swear I smelt every perfume there was to offer, (and 57 glasses of coffee beans in between) and this was HANDS DOWN the most beautiful fragrance I have ever smelt. In my life. Their logo is also a pair of mermaids, so. Santa, can you hear me?

10. 'The Ventura' hat, Lack of Color
Because it's Summer here in 'Straya and a new hat is a must at Christmas time.
This one from Lack of Color is super classic, yet that raffia edge gives it just a hint of something special!

11. 'Opulent' earrings by Valet, Maker's Mgmt
These stunning resin earrings had me at 'Hello!' Already purchasing a pair of the most sugary sweet pink hoops by Valet, these monochromatic beauties are the next on my list! I just have to re-train my ears to carry the weight of BFO earrings. They'll get there!